Electric Tricycles

For a stable vehicle that allows you to carry luggage and still climb hills, you can't go past a REV-Tricycle.  With a super-comfy riding position, enough power to suit your needs, and a hybrid drive-system (allowing independent use of the pedals and the throttle), you can leave the car at home, and get most of your local trips done with the wind in your hair.

Tricycles are a great way to give mobility back to people who may be unable to drive or those who can't ride a bike due to balance issues, and a brilliantly practical solution for those who want a mini electric ute for the shopping runs, for business & promo, for deliveries, just for fun, or any other purpose you might think of.

The standard model we (and most other e-trike suppliers) use is the popular and reliable Gomier tricycle, which comes in 20" or 24", black, red or blue, and in single speed, 6 speed derailleur gears, or 3 speed internal nexus hub (add $80).  These tricycles comes with a sandard white wire basket on the rear (which we modify slightly to mount your battery) or a flat tray with the Industrial model, but we can also provide locking boxes or trays to suit a variety of uses.

Compare our prices, you WON'T be disappointed!

We are also trialling the Schwinn Meridian 26" tricycles, and can most likely convert any trike or slider you might have, or upgrade the power of other electric trikes.

Road legal version - 250w Kit on Gomier tricycle, from $1950

Extra power - 500w Smart Kit on Gomier tricycle, from $2250

Power to the MAX - 1000w Grunt Kit, from $2300.. Great for those who want a higher top speed, or to carry more weight.


Call us to discuss your needs, as we are yet to get all the options listed here..  But here are a few ideas:

24" Road-legal version, custom locking box/passenger seat (add $200):

electric tricycle

Custom Tray & lights on a 500w 20" Gomier e-tricycle:

Grunty 1000w Trike, for pulling serious weight (with standard basket):

electric tricycle

We have converted several recumbents too, as well as electric slider trikes, tandems, and all sorts of things!  Call us to chat if you have a wacky idea, and we'd love to help you make it a reality.

Electric Tricycles

Item Price: $1950.00

A REV-bike is an informed e-bike choice