36v 14.5ah Rack Battery

For those who'd like to travel with their battery behind them, or the frame is not suited to mounting a battery in the triangle (cruisers or step-through bikes), the rack battery is the way to go.  This model is 36v 14.5ah, suited to all 250w motor kits.  You should get a range of at least 50kms, double that with more efficient use.

This lightweight yet long-range battery comes complete with it's rack, which can still be used on top.  It also has a built in controller box at the front, meaning you can store the controller out of sight.

Packed with Samsung 29E Lithium tri-metal (NMC) cells, this battery will give a good long life of up to 1000 charge cycles if looked after.

We can supply with the compatible fold-out pannier bags shown above too, for an extra $25.


NOW AVAILABLE - Improved version using LG MH1 cells, charge voltage to 41v rather than 42v (to prolong/potentially double the life of the pack) - call to order this type, as limited numbers currently available.

36v 14.5ah Rack Battery

Item Price: $790.00

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