36v 19.2ah Mega Rack Battery

For those who'd like to travel with their battery behind them, or the frame is not suited to mounting a battery in the triangle (cruisers or step-through bikes), the rack battery is the way to go.  This upgraded model is a MASSIVE 36v 19.2ah, suited to all 250w motor kits.  You should get a range of at least 80kms, double that with more efficient use.

This lightweight (under 4.5kg) yet long-range battery comes complete with it's rack, which can still be used on top.  This larger model does not have the built in controller box at the front, so we provide with a controller bag.

Packed with quality LG MH1 Lithium tri-metal (NMC) cells, this battery will give a good long life of over 1000 charge cycles if looked after.

We can supply with the compatible fold-out pannier bags shown above too, for an extra $40.


36v 19.2ah Mega Rack Battery

Item Price: $870.00

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