1000w Mountain Bolder

If you're after a super-powered and super-comfortable ride, this Giant hybrid conversion is a most awesome solution.  Made for "off-road riding", this brand new (made-to-order) converted bike is guaranteed to impress, with a top speed of 45km/h, and it doesn't take long to get there! 

Running our Grunt Kit MP3 motor on the front wheel, the bike has great weight distribution.  A punchy 48v 10ah LiFePO4 battery on the back provides a 'without pedalling' range of at least 30kms at full power, up to 60kms depending on your riding style.  The motor is fully programmable, so you can adjust the parameters down to about 450w to further increase your range.  Recharge takes an average of 3 hours.

The bike included is a medium-sized Giant Boulder (base model), you can look up the specs for the current models, they are available at almost any major bike shop.  Bike comes complete with lights and electric horn, which run off the main battery.  The throttle is normally a thumb style (mounted on the left, to keep your right thumb free for gear changes, and right arm free to indicate when turning right), and it also comes with regen braking connected to at least one brake lever, and cruise control for your riding pleasure.

We make these to order, with 2-3 weeks lead time.  Rear wheel setups are also possible (if doing dirt trails this may be preferable).  And other kits can be added to this bike (road-legal 250w pedelec set-ups included).

Come over and test ride bikes with various kits at our workshop in Warrandyte.  Or call us to speak about fitting up the bike of your choice with the best kit to suit your style.

1000w Mountain Bolder

Item Price: $2200.00

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