36v 8.8ah Thunder Battery

We have a limited number of these attractive and slimline 36v 8.8ah batteries, built with Samsung 22F Lithium tri-metal (NMC) cells.  Total weight is just 2.9kg.  Complete with charger, this pack is fantastic for triangles that can accomodate it, or even below the down tube on full suspenion bikes (see template for dimensions below, which includes space required to remove battery from bracket).

Perfect for the 250w kits, even as a secondary pack to extend the range.  Normally positioned in the triangle, with a lock to secure it when in position, and unlock for easy removal, it could also be mouted onto a rack if desired.  Or pop one in each pannier to get 20ah of range with under 6kg of weight.

36v 8.8ah Thunder Battery

Item Price: $500.00

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