36v 11ah Rocket Battery

This streamline battery is designed to mount to the lugs where the water bottle holder normally goes (we can mount Rivnut holes if you don't have these lugs, or they are in the wrong position). Ideal for middle-low weight distribution on the bike, and also allowing normal use of the rear rack, this is a great solution for many bikes, especially where a rear motor is desired (rack battery then not ideal).

Using high-quality Lithium Tri-Metal chemistry (NMC), these batteries will last 1000+charge cycles if you look after them. These batteries suit any 200-250 watt set-ups. Their maximum current is 15amps (this will give you 540watts of INPUT to the motor at 36v). Weight is only 2.9kg!  Charger is included.

You will need the space in the triangle to allow the battery to come out of its bracket. The battery is 480mm long, and you will need a height of 155mm at the front end to lift the battery out of the bracket..

36v 11ah Rocket Battery

Item Price: $630.00

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